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Regarded globally for its exceptional prowess in designing and manufacturing a diverse range of avionics systems, the United Kingdom has established itself as a prominent leader in this field. Its stellar reputation is further solidified by the development of premier radar and navigation systems, setting the UK apart as a reliable provider of advanced aviation technology.

Nevertheless, the UK avionics industry is not immune to challenges. The intensifying competition from countries in Asia and the Middle East poses a significant hurdle. This increased global competition necessitates a strategic approach from businesses operating in this sector to maintain their competitive edge and continue thriving in the market. Despite these obstacles, it is crucial to recognise the indispensable role played by the UK avionics industry, as it remains a vital cornerstone of the country's aerospace sector.

Looking towards the future, there is tremendous optimism surrounding the growth trajectory of the UK avionics industry. With a strong foundation and ongoing innovation, it is poised for continued expansion in the coming years. This promising outlook reflects the proactive efforts undertaken by dedicated professionals to push the boundaries of avionics technology and meet the evolving needs of the aerospace industry.

We have significant experience of recruiting a variety of roles in the sector. Listed below are roles we have commonly recruited for in the past:

  • Technical Director

  • Finance Director

  • Senior Test Engineer

  • Production Manager

  • Avionics Software Engineer

  • Flight Simulator Technician


    Phil Sharp

    Phil set up Elliot Marsh in 2000 and has spent over 20 years in the recruitment industry. He leads Senior Executive and Non-Executive assignments, and is a specialist recruiter in a number of different areas including Automotive, Avionics & Defence, Energy, Engineering, Scientific and Property.


    Alison Ryan

    Alison has 15 years’ experience in the recruitment and headhunting market has enabled her to gain a thorough understanding of a vast range of market sectors as well as successfully delivering new business across all business sizes.

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