Psychometric Profiling

We strongly believe that getting the perfect candidate isn't just about focussing on their skills and experience - it's vital to also make sure that culturally they will be the right fit for your company. That's why we offer psychometric testing as a core part of our headhunting service but also as a stand alone service which can be applied to internal candidates that you may already have lined up for a role to enable a more objective assessment.

Psychometric profiling is a really good way to assess the personality of an individual and get an indication of what type of culture and team they will fit in to. There are a number of different types of psychometric tests including:

  • Personality – this provides an insight into individual’s strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and fears as well as their communication style and likely reaction in certain situations e.g. behaviour under pressure. This will provide you with greater confidence of how a candidate will fit a particular role and the organisation’s culture

  • General Intelligence – this test is often used to identify a candidate’s ability to learn quickly and their reaction to change. It can be very useful to identify senior management who are expected to be leaders – dealing well with pressure and high demands as well as driving through change

  • Emotional Intelligence – as the name implies, this test looks at how well a candidate understands their own emotions but also other people. Again, it can be a useful test for senior managers leading people as it helps to identify their ability to adapt their approach to people and situations enabling them to deal with differing emotional characters as well as any conflict and change

Whatever the objectives are for psychometric testing, we can help provide a solution for you.

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