• How can we improve customer service levels within headhunting?

    Headhunting and recruitment are service businesses. In fact, the Institute of Customer Service estimates that 75% of the UK economy is now generated from the service industry. So why are there so many poor recruitment experiences when service is such a critical factor?

    Certainly, the headhunting and recruitment markets are very competitive and have very low barriers to switching, so to survive and grow, providing quality customer service is critical.

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  • How can headhunters improve customer service?

    Logic dictates that poor customer service will result in dissatisfied customers, who will transfer their business to a competitor if the opportunity arises. But logic doesn’t always prevail.

    The recent surveys by a number of organisations, including the Institute of Customer Service, Ofgem and Which?, highlight that some of the most profitable businesses are also the ones who provide the worst customer service levels.

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  • Have Tesco suffered from a common recruitment problem?

    Replacing a senior level role within any organisation can be challenging and this is where market leading headhunters recognise the value they provide – they know the impact of finding the right person who can start in the role before it becomes time critical for their client.

    This could have been one of the main challenges that faced Tesco during their recent £250m hole in their profit forecast fiasco, as they have had no actively involved Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since April with a new one originally not due to start until the 1st of December.

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  • Second news item

    Summary of the second news item.

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  • First news item

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